Where to find the best apartments to buy in Abu Dhabi?

Are you wondering whether or not it is a good idea to settle in the UAE? Well! You must know the land of the Emirates is a developed nation with a growing economy, relaxed tax policies, and plenty of job opportunities. Besides, the UAE is tolerant of different religions. They believe that cultural and religious diversity strengthens and enriches society. Also, the Gulf nation has a sound legal system with strict penal provisions restricting illegal activities. So, if you are looking for apartments to buy in Abu Dhabi, contact the leading developer without delay and book your dream house today!

Properties in Abu Dhabi: Benefits of investing in them!

Whether you are a UAE resident or an expatriate, purchasing a property in Abu Dhabi will reap various advantages. There are many real estate developers, like Bloom Holding, who are dedicated to supplying the market with outstanding properties. Here is why you should invest in the UAE Real Estate sector:

  • Easy Purchase Process: To purchase a property in Abu Dhabi, you need not go through a back-breaking journey. Yes! The procedure to buy a residence is simple and transparent. Even the documentations are lucid and easily understandable for an untrained commoner. Besides, the government does not levy property taxes on the UAE citizens, providing ordinary residents with enough opportunity to enhance their immovable properties. 

Alternatively, the Emirate nation is also relaxing strict legislation relating to foreigners’ rights on property in UAE. They are expanding the free zones and issuing golden visas to the ex-pats, allowing them permanent residence for ten years. 

  • ROI & Rental Income: An investment in the UAE real estate sector will generate huge returns because property value increases yearly. Also, the UAE government does not charge taxes on rental income up to a specific limit. Hence, you can earn a lot by renting your property. 

Besides, the number of rentals is increasing magically as more and more people are coming to the Gulf nation for jobs. Undoubtedly, this creates an opportunity for apartment owners to earn a high rental return. Also, the homeowners usually take the rent in advance through a cheque. So, they can enjoy high profits from their properties.

  • Legal Protection: As the real estate industry is increasing rapidly, the Emirati government is also formulating new rules to safeguard both the landlord’s and tenant’s interests. The landlord must provide at least 60 days to the tenant before the tenancy expires. Conversely, the tenant cannot pressurize the landlord to continue the tenancy contract despite their refusal. 
  • Future Prospect: The UAE government focuses on major infrastructure expansion with increasing demand for residential properties. Rest assured! The world will witness new tourist and cultural destinations by 2030. This will create further career scope for many, attracting numerous people to the country. 
  • Wide-ranging Properties: If you are searching for apartments to buy in Abu Dhabi, you can go for unfurnished or furnished flats as per your preference and capacity. From villas and townhouses to studios and two to three BHK apartments, the top-ranking developers provide numerous options to customers. So, why wait? Reach out to them and book your flat immediately!

Best Property Developers in Abu Dhabi: Their Top-notch Development Projects!

The following are some of the most lucrative and luxury development projects from the leading property development companies in UAE:

  • Soho Square: Situated on Saadiyat Island, Bloom Soho Square is a spectacular development project with many residential and non-residential apartments to buy in Abu Dhabi. This medium-rise mixed-use urban development has 304 residential options, including two to three-bedroom flats and studio apartments. It is near NYUAD, a famous tourist attraction in Abu Dhabi, and offers numerous facilities like parking space, kid’s play area, 24/7 strict security, etc.
  • Bloom Arjaan by Rotana: Fully furnished hotel apartments for long and short stays, the Rotana Hotel Management Corporation maintains the Bloom Arjaan by Rotana. It is located within the luxurious Park View urban development project and consists of several apartments, from studios to residential. Besides, this sophisticated development project includes amenities like a floating infinity swimming pool, wide-ranging food and beverage outlets, fitness centres, and vast green spaces, guaranteeing a superior experience for the residents. 
  • Park View: Another prestigious project comprising 230 stylish units ranging from studio to 3-BHK apartments, the Park View is the best place to set up your safe nest. The luxury projects have multiple facilities like a swimming pool, restaurants, retail shops, gymnasium, and parking lots to ensure an easy and comfortable life. Also, it is close to major tourist spots like Saadiyat and Yas Island beach, golf courses, and so on.


The renowned property developers in Abu Dhabi are reliable and helpful. They will provide complete knowledge about the property purchase process and legal formalities that you must undertake. Besides, these eminent development companies offer attractive payment plans, helping you buy your favourite apartment. Visit their official website now to explore the range of available units.