Dubai Scraped Alcohol Tax – What You Need to Know!

It’s really a Happy Hour for Dubai as the government has decided to scrap the alcohol tax, which will allure tourists to flock to dubai from different parts of the world. Read this blog to know more.

Dubai has become a prime destination for travelers, with nearly 13 million international visitors visiting around the year. Tourists from around the world flock to Dubai to soak up the sun on its sandy beaches, indulge in luxury shopping experiences, savor the flavors of world-renowned restaurants, and even enjoy a drink or two in the city’s many bars. With dubai being the party capital, the amusement is in to live the best life while people from different countries visit the amazing destination. 

However, obtaining preferred alcoholic beverages in Dubai has been known to come with a hefty price tag due to restrictions and taxes, which was a prime disappointment for travelers. Now travelers no more have to worry about it. Recently, Dubai has made the decision to abolish its 30% alcohol tax and eliminate the fee for tourists to obtain a license to purchase alcohol from stores for private consumption. This move makes it easier for visitors to indulge in their favorite alcoholic beverages during their stay in Dubai.

Impact of New Announcement

The decision to withdraw the tax was part of a broader effort to reduce the cost of living in Dubai and make the city more attractive to tourists and businesses. This means now, the prices of alcohol would be at the discretion of the vendors and market forces. This will also give a great boost to the hospitality sector of the country and allow more international tourists to come to dubai. 

Restrictions on Alcohol Use in Dubai

The alcohol restrictions in public places are still in place, and drinking and driving also will attract a fine and imprisonment as per the laws. After the new announcement, adherence to the law regarding illegal drinking practices will be intact. It is important to note that The new announcement of the alcohol tax only implies to non-Muslims above the age of 21.

Dubai Evolving as a Prime Destination for Travellers

Saudi Arabia is a neighborly nation giving tough competition to the UAE in terms of the tourism sector. In order to ease the restrictions and make the country a happening place for tourists, UAE is now working towards various aspects which make the UAE the perfect destination for international tourism. From shifting weekends to sat-sun to scraping alcohol tax, these measures will definitely boost the country’s economy through tourism. 

However, the new announcement of the scrapping of the Alcohol Tax is valid for one year. This will give enough time for authorities to keep track of the situation, which will access data points based on numerous factors like- dropping of prices in the bar, the situation of criminal activities related to alcohol, economic boost, etc. The further decision on the continuity of the announcement by the authorities will be based upon these factors.