Chery Automobile – How It Flourishes on a Global Stage

WUHU CITY, China–(BUSINESS WIRE)–What makes Chery outstanding in the increasingly competitive automobile market and becoming the leader of Chinese automobiles. The excellent technology, the inclusive and open pattern makes this question worth exploring.

Obsessed with technology research and development

Since its establishment more than 20 years ago, Chery has always adhered to technological innovations and mastered core technologies. A global automobile R&D team with more than 5,500 people has been established, and a complete technology and product R&D system has been formed, and a series of flagship models such as the TIGGO and OMODA have been built. The cumulative global sales volume has exceeded 10 million units.

Twenty years of technical advancements

With more than 20 years of independent innovation, a new R&D system and integrated platform for new energy vehicles has been formed. It has 7 core technologies and it is at a leading level in the industry. The intelligent interconnection and PHEV power system are also one of the industry leaders.

Global User Activity

While developing rapidly, Chery has carried out various forms of social practices in many countries around the world, sponsoring various user involved activities such as welfare institutions, women’s football clubs, rally races, equestrian performances, concerts, etc., and actively seeking corporate and social development. The point that Chery tries to put forward is to strive to be a car brand with energetic and responsibility.

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