Car manufacturers in Japan exhibit vehicles with green technology, Auto News, ET Auto

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An automobile exhibition in Yokohama City focused on carbon neutral automobiles and automobile manufacturing firms taking steps to curb carbon emissions.

The efforts of two of the world’s top automobile production companies, TOYOTA and ISUZU attracted attention.

“Toyota is exhibiting carbon neutral as an important theme. As you can see, we are introducing the exhibit of EV using electricity and fuel cell car using hydrogen. As for carbon-neutral, for example, EV and electric car are attracting a lot of attention right now, but Toyota uses carbon-neutral fuel other than electric car, so for example, e-fuel, and so on. Currently, Toyota does not narrow down its options, so electric car is important, but we think it is also important to deal with fuel and carbon-neutral fuel are also important,” said Kenji Matsunaga, TOYOTA Motor.

ISUZU announced its environmental vision and introduced efforts to develop fuel and Electric Vehicles and Autonomous driving technology and the latest car.

“We have developed a carbon-neutral strategy for carbon neutralization in 2050. By 2025, we will examine some vehicles and technology and start mass production. In addition, as a medium-term goal for expanding the lineup, we will expand mass production sales of electric vehicles such as battery EV, fuel cell vehicle, and hybrid car in major models in 2030. At the same time, we aim to establish a full line-up to fulfill this requirement by 2040, and we are currently monitoring with the cooperation of our customers to launch the market. We have been conducting demonstration experiment on self-driving bus with cooperation at Fukuoka Airport since March this year. While examining the technology of self-driving bus, we are conducting verification for the realization of future social implementation of society. We will also strive to solve various social problems, including the labor shortage caused by the declining birthrate and aging population,” said Yumi Oide, ISUZU Motors.

“The Mu-X, which is exhibited in this exhibition, is an SUV (sport utility vehicle). It combines the high road-traveling and durability of the pickup truck D-MAX and has evolved into a product that has been supported by many customers in more than 60 countries around the world, including Thailand (county of product,) ASEAN area, and Australia. It has developed as a product supported by many customers. It is recording better achievements comparing to before corona pandemic. It has developed as a product supported by many customers. It is recording better achievement compared to before corona pandemic,” Oide added.

The world’s leading Japanese car companies will contribute to the future of automobile society through their carbon-neutral approach.